*5. Service Calls:

a). Charge for attendence of fuseman where the failures of supply is due to a fault in the consumer's installation.

i) for Low Tension consumers
ii) for High Tension consumers
Rs. 100/-
  Replacement of fuse on one phase
Rs. 150/-
  Replacement of fuse on three phases
Rs. 200/-
b) Charge for attendence of fusemen at consumers premises during any function (maximum 6 hours)
Rs. 100/-
**6. Security Deposit against payment of monthly energy bills :

     When required by the Board to do so the consumer shall deposit security amount which shall be approximately equivalent to 3/4/6/8 months estimated bills in the consumer's premises in respect of month ly/b i- monthly/ quarterly/half yearly billed consumers respectively and in no case be less than Rs. 30/- or Rs. 40/- or Rs. 60/- per 0.5 KW connected load for the lighting installation in respect of monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly billed consumers respectively and Rs. 75/- or Rs, 100 or Rs. 150 per HIP connected load for motive power installation in respect of monthly/bi-monthly/ six monthly billed consumers respectively. The I-T Industrial consumers shall deposit security deposit equivalent to two months bill. The Board further directs that on this basis the SD should be recovered from the existing consumers. However, in case if there is excess SD (i. e. more than 2 months bill) no refund should be given.

7. Miscellaneous Work:

     The charges payable in advance for any work which the Board may undertake for the consumer and which is not included in the forgoing schedule, shall be the actual cost of labour and materials plus 15 percent to cover overhead charges, Estimate will be submitted when necessary.

8. Capacitors :

i). The hire charges for the capacitors if provided by the Board shall be recovered as given.

Rs, 3/- per kVAR 
per month
ii). Testing of L. T capacitors (at Board's Testing unit)
Rs. 50/- per capacitor

*Modified Vide B.R. 514 Dt. 28-5-90

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